Lesson Plan Two
A Brief Overview of the Asylum and Deinstitutionalization
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Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Subjects: Social science, psychology

Materials: Copy of the film Imagining Robert and vcr.

Time Needed for Completion: Three to four fifty-minute class periods

Objectives for students

To gain general knowledge about the history of the asylum and deinstitutionalizaton

To apply this general knowledge to the experiences of one individual (Robert Neuegeboren) and his family

Standards Area: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

Correlates with standards for the teaching of psychology in high school outlined by the American Psychological Association.

CONTENT STANDARD 1: Prominent methods used to treat people with disorders

1.2 Describe characteristics of effective treatment and prevention.

Characterizing early attempts to reduce psychological symptoms and speculate about their likelihood of success

Discussing credibility of treatment based upon cultural explanations or beliefs about abnormality or causation of illness

CONTENT STANDARD 4: Impact of mental disorders

4.3 Speculate about means for promoting greater understanding of abnormal behavior.
Students may indicate this by (performance indicators):

Describing historic efforts to promote tolerance of those stigmatized by mental disorder

Developing a strategy to promote support for individuals with specific mental disorders

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